Computer Peripherals

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listeningA guy I work with suggested to me that if I were looking for new speakers that I should check out the Logitech Z600 set.  He said he got a pair and they sound pretty good.  I don’t really know much about different brands but I have heard of Logitech and I know they’re pretty decent and they also have been around and a lot of people know about them since they’re not some no-name brand.  Anyway, I looked them up online and what I read made them seem like they are pretty good.  So I think that I might consider getting them.  The thing is, though, most of the music that I listen to is done in my recording room where I have all my trumpets and stuff.  So when it comes to computer speakers I don’t really need to get any that are too good, since if I wanted to listen to music for the sake of really hearing it I would just go into the study where I’ve got all my stuff set up.

There are a few computer stores around here so I might go there and see if I can find any that I like and see if they have that pair that I friend suggested.  He is really into computer stuff and has a really cool system, but he also has been in the computer world for a while and builds computers for fun.  Actually, I think that when it comes to the point where I want to get a new PC I might have him build me one instead of just getting one from the store.  I think that if you build one you can probably get the specifications exactly how you want and you can leave off the things you don’t want and it’s probably a better option in certain circumstances than just buying one at the store.  So I think that I will talk to him about that and I bet he would want to do it because he is always telling me that he wants to teach me how all of that stuff works so I figure building a computer would be a good way to do that.  But the other thing that I talk to him about is movies because he and I seem to have the same taste in movies and we even have run into each other at the theater a few different instances where we were seeing the same movie.  But back to what I was talking about, I’m going to ask him if he wants to build me a setup that will do everything I need it to do which is basically play music and be able to handle some of the applications I use and then we’ll see if that will be a good way to get what I need and not have to pick from what they have already made at the stores since some of those compete with other brands but they put a lot of other stuff on them that I don’t necessarily want.  My friend will probably be pretty happy to build a desktop for me especially considering I’m going to tell him what I want and he’ll get to order all the parts and he’ll probably enjoy putting them together.  Of course, I don’t need one that is as robust as the ones he makes for himself, but I’m also not into computing as much as he is so it wouldn’t really be anything that I would need for my programs and stuff that I have to run when I’m using the setup that I have.

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