Driving to Work

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All of the trips I’ve been taking to work recently have been weird. I feel like there is something going on with my car. I have a BMW and I’ve been nice to it but it has started giving me some trouble. I think the horn doesn’t work, too, because I used it the other day and didn’t hear anything. I don’t know if I didn’t press it right or whatever but I think there could be something wrong with it. So I think that I”m going to get a local BMW repair shop to take a look at it. My car is great in all other aspects because I really think that you need to get a car that will last. I don’t know a lot of about them but knew that I like this car and was really wanting it. I got it a few months ago. I didn’t get it first hand bu you know that kind of thing doesn’t necessarily matter because for various cars if you drive them well every time I drive they should be good for a good time. But I think that maintenance is important and that is why I also ways do the things that I am supposed to do. And it’s really a case of not doing things like redlining it or doing other things like peeling out or whatever because those aren’t really good for the car. My friend has a BMW and he said that his has been good, too, and I think that he might know a bit more about them than I do but I also think that my friend has been working on his car for a while so be probably learned stuff that way. The biggest deal I have with my car though is that the tires need to be replaced and I don’t know what kind to get. I know there are various kinds but I want to make sure I get some that will work well when it’s wet out. It rains a lot here and you never know what the climate is going to be like.

When I was choosing a car I wanted to get one that had a good sound system in it because I listen to music while I drive to work and this way everything will be entertaining. I don’t like it when you have a system that doesn’t work well.

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