Let’s Talk About Drama: Men Vs. Women

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Most women love drama, some more than others.

When things are going well they will attempt to create drama. This is done for two reasons: 1) boredom, and 2) to “test” you.

Let’s examine these:

You are a man. Your life revolves around doing things, getting things done, successfully finishing stuff and facts and figures and data. You likely thrive on stability.  You probably enjoy shows on TV that talk about the specs of new cars, or show you how to build things with wood, or that show people striving for some kind of goal, whether against the elements, against themselves, or against another team.

She is a woman. Her life revolves around feeling the emotions of the moment. Stability is boring. If things remain stable for too long she gets bored. When she gets bored she wants excitement. Drama is excitement. It might not be good, but it allows her to feel things.  Women enjoy TV shows where people are feeling emotions, reality shows where there is gossip, plots to stab people in the back, and lies.

This brings us to #2:

She’s testing you with her drama. If you react or get needy, you lose. If you lose, her attraction for your drops. A woman can create drama out of thin air and if the man gets all needy, apologizes for something that isn’t his fault (for example, most sitcoms; especially Home Improvement), or otherwise reacts from a place of neediness, her attraction for you falls because you aren’t being a man.

This is why “where should we eat for dinner?” “I don’t know.” “How about sushi?” “I don’t want sushi.” “Ok, how about Italian food.” “I don’t want Italian food, either.” “Well, what do you want?” “I don’t care, you pick.” “Ok, let’s have Mexican food.” can turn into a night of drama and her being in a bad mood all night. You know what I’m talking about, where she’ll go along with you but be in a foul mood all night. And you ask “what’s wrong?” and she goes “nothing!” and you say “well you’re acting like you’re in a bad mood” and she replies “that’s cuz you keep asking me what’s wrong!” despite the fact that you asked her because she was in a bad mood and therefore your asking her is not the cause of her bad mood. She is using emotional tension to test you for control of the relationship.

Every time you fail that test, her attraction for you drops.

Most men are uncomfortable when their gfs or wives are in bad moods and creating tension.

You know this feeling. You can even feel it when you’re with another couple who is doing it.

It’s why the phrase “happy wife, happy life” was created. Men do whatever it takes to keep their women from getting into bad moods, and that is reactive, and it makes the woman lose attraction. Women know this and use it to their advantage all the time, especially if you have a history of failing tests. It’s entertainment to them. It’s why those guys probably never have sex with their wives. Let me rephrase that, it’s why these men’s wives probably never want to have sex with them.

Disclaimer: if you actually did something wrong, apologize.

If your SO is using emotional tension to try and get you to apologize when you didn’t do anything, be aware of what is happening and consider if you actually want to date her.

To be fair, some women are actually pretty low on the drama scale and don’t do this kind of stuff very often.

Other women do it all the time.

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