Taking A Trip With The Family

on March 12th, 2013 by - Comments Off on Taking A Trip With The Family

Is it July yet? More specifically is it July 24th yet because I’ll be down under in Australia when it is. I’m going there with my family on our first vacation together in years. We used to go all the time when my sister Amy and I were younger. The vacations sort of fizzled out as we got older which was fine. I was more into the boys and cheerleading and hanging out with my friends than going away for a week with my parents in the middle of summer. When my Mom called me a while back to ask if I wanted to go with them I couldn’t say yes fast enough and my sister was the same way. It is going to be so much fun. We are doing a bunch of stuff including taking a tour of Fraser Island which is only the largest sand island in the world.

I already put in my time off request at work and got approved so I’m all set. I still have a valid passport so I’m all set in that department too. Amy had to go and renew hers which I made sure she did because she is known for putting things off. I could just see us getting ready to leave for the airport the morning of our flight and her saying that she forgot to do it. That would be typical of her but like I said I made sure she went because I went with her to do it.

This weekend we are going shopping together for the trip although I don’t need much. I want to get a new swimsuit or two and a new pair of flip flops but besides that I’m pretty much set. I am not lacking in the clothes department that is for sure. I have two closets full of them and since I have been the same size for the last 10 years everything still fits me. I am really careful about my weight and figure. I am actually like 2 pounds over what I like to be but I’m going to the gym tomorrow and will lose it there. I feel like a jockey sometimes when it comes to my weight although I will not sit in a steam room to lose weight like they do. That’s about it for now. Make sure you check back sometime in August and I will update this with how the trip was.

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