Being Outdoors

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The best thing about my boyfriend’s flat is that he has this area to the side where he has a garden. That probably isn’t something that you would expect when you are thinking about things that guys have in their grounds, but it’s the kind of thing that he is interested in and it is making me interested in it as well. So I have been thinking about seeing if I can do that where I live. But I think that I might just see if I can use his, or help him with his, because it’s really nice and we grow some flowers and stuff that look really nice and I am not even sure what kind of requirements there are for that kind of thing. Just listening to him talk about the things he is putting in there is something that makes me curious and it’s the kind of thing that lets me kind of follow how he is doing it. But the coolest part is that he has this patio set there and you can go out there and just take a little nap or well, I don’t know if you would actually want to take a nap, but it’s a nice place to take a refresher and that’s part of the thing that I love it. But really the main reason is that it adds some character to what would otherwise be just a normal area . It’s like if you are out there and you are just seething with boredom and then you realize hey, there is this place that I can bring whatever I want and just get away from everything. Everything. Because it’s like what is going on can be so intense that you need to be able to have a place to yourself. And it’s even better if that place is yours. This might not be making sense, it’s kind of like just a bit of the explanation for why I think the garden is so cool. But really it’s because my boyfriend is awesome and the way he does things makes me want to do them, to, so that is why I am probably going to see if that is something I can do at my condo. He thinks it’s funny though and says that I should see if I can find something else that I might want to do but he is just being himself and that is part of the attributes that make him the type of person I can actually stand to date.  Photo by Anita Berghoef.

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