Leg Workouts

on October 25th, 2013 by - Comments Off on Leg Workouts

runnerI am trying to get into the fitness thing but I am kind of having a bit of an issue with getting some of the things down.  For example, I have been doing some squats but I am not really liking them because they are hard!  I do weighted squats and I also do just body weight squats and they are both really a challenging leg workout.  And then of course there’s cardio which I like even less.  Running is so not something that I find easy.  I try to run a few miles but it usually ends up being closer to about one mile and then I decide that I am tried and have to walk for a bit.  I go at a decent pace, too, it’s not like I’m running fast but more like a jog, and really!  I will feel my body just be like nope, we don’t want to run anymore, why don’t you walk instead.

Now one of my friends is a running expert.  She goes running all the time and I’m talking for miles.  Her warmup is quite the workout in itself and she has been telling me some things I can do to improve the distance that I can run and I think I might try to.  The only other thing that I do for my workouts are curls with dumb bells and I can do the 15 pounders for a few reps.  I think that I am going to see if I should do pushups.  The other thing I have been thinking about is looking into a supplement like garcinia cambogia extract and seeing if that would help.  I think that is mostly for weight loss and that isn’t something I’m interested in at the momemtn but I have been reading about it and it seems like something I might want to read up.  For now though I am just going to stick with all this running and squatting and seeing if I can get to th epoint where I can run for a bit longer then on eile.  I might even get to two miles or, hey, maybe even some crazy amount lie five miles.  Obviously I am talking about without stopping.  It seems though that the increases in endurance come pretty consistently with running so I am going to get there and then I will be able to start trying some other things and talking to my friend more about her running stories.

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